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Wired Conference Systems Master Controller

Type: Wired Conference Systems Master Controller

Model: TH-0802M

Brand Name: ITC

Origin: China

The high performance compressive master controller is designed especially for conference discussion and voting. It meets all the requirements of modern conference that can manage discussion, decision, voting and commenting according system. It is highly integrated and easy to install.
  • The master controller operates by connecting to the computer;Can connect 64 delegatec airman units; with master extention the communication capacity reaches 250 sets.
  • Achieve fuctions of conference discussion, multi-voting, with camera tracking host to realize automatically camera tracking.
  • Main unit sets microphone turn-on quantity and mode to control conference order.
  • Voice transferred by built-in hi-fi speaker and external earphone jack.
  • Audio input and output interfaces can connect sound reinforcement equipments and recording equipments. Built  2 × 50W power.