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Telephone Card

Type: Telephone Card

Model: AX800P-AXE800P

Brand Name: ATCOM

Origin: China

AX800P/AXE800P Asterisk card is the telephony PCI card that support up to eight FXO and FXS ports. Using AX800P/AXE800P analog card, open source Asterisk PBX and stand alone PC, users can create their SOHO telephony solution which include all the sophisticated features of traditional PBX, and extend features such as voicemail in IP PBX. The FXO and FXS modules are interchangeable to suit various requirements.

  • Configuration: Motherboard: AX800P
  • dual port FXS module: AX210S
  • dual port FXO module: AX210X
  • Hardware requirement: 500-Mhz Pentium III 64MB RAM 3.3V or 5V PCI 2.2 slot PCI card dimension: 169mm (Length) × 98mm (Height)