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Digital Conference System Extension Controller

Type: Digital Conference System Extension Controller

Model: TS-0605M

Brand Name: ITC

Origin: China

• Using touch buttons; provide shortcuts for recording, play-back, switcher for modes or limit quantity and volume control;
• 4 kinds of conference modes: Fist-in-first-out/Normal/ Free/ Apply;
• With the limit function for the quantity of active microphones: Optional limit quantity is 1/2/4/6, and the chairman unit is unlimited;
• 1 host can be connected up to 30 conference microphones;
• Connection method of conference microphones is “Hand-in-hand”, which is easy to be installed and maintained; Using audio processing modules like digital EQ and noise reduction system makes sound loud and clear; 1 audio input and 1 audio output;
• With 1 channel acoustic output, which could be used to do sound reinforce by connecting to PA power amplifier;
• With 1 channel recording output, which could work with recording device;
• With the recording function and SD slot to do real-time recording of SD CARDS signed in can make convenience for real-time recording;
• Could be connected to external microphone ;gain control is provided;
• With the function of auto configuration for ID address to make installation more convenient ;
• Using external power supply at 24V;
• The enclosure of the controller is in material of metal which make the circuit connected to the ground wire better to ensure antistatic ability of 6000V;
• Desktop-style and user-friendly operation
• Using 3.5mm headset jack to monitor the information of the conference in real-time.