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Cyber Digit Classic

Type: Cyber Digit Classic

Model: 3100DL

Brand Name: BE-TECH

Origin: China

Cyber Digit Classic
All the benefits of the Be-Tech Cyber Digit Classic (3100DL) but tougher and
more robust for challenging environment. With additional programming
features, stainless steel material, and improved number of operations, the
Cyber Digit Classic (3100DL) provides enhanced benefits to facilities
managers looking to simplify access control without the need of keys.

Private Function
This is the most common function and used where the same code will be
repeatedly used, e.g a pupil in a school or an employee with the same locker in
the workplace.

Public Function
The locker locks operates with a single user code. The guest enters a personal
code with 4~9 digit to locks the lock. The same code is entered to open the lock
before being erased and ready for next user. This function is used for short term,
multi occupancy applications, e.g a locker in a gym center.