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Be-Tech Touchpad Rim R Series Residential Lock

Type: Be-Tech Touchpad Rim R Series Residential Lock

Model: R200MT

Brand Name: BE-TECH

Origin: China

Digital Rim Lock
RF Card & Touchpad

Various access
Be-Tech R200MT has two access solutions, RF Card key or PIN code for your convenience.
Invisible keypad
Keypad numbers can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm.
Fake PIN code
You can make an instant PIN code for security.
Operation status notification
Whenever any operation is made, the LED indicator informs you what is
happening through different colors and signs.
Automatic locking
Door lock will be locked automatically after opening door a few seconds
(Manual operation is also available)
Missing key invalidation
Once you lose your key, it has no validation as long as you re-register
the rest of your keys
Anti-panic exit system
For convenience and in case of emergency, it allows you to open the door by simply
turning its thumbturn from inside.
Alarm (Incorrect RF Card or PIN code attempt)
Alarm will be on and lasts for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the lock with
incorrect RF Card or PIN code for 5 times.
Low battery warning signal
A continuous "beep" sound during door access will alert you to replace batteries.