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UL Addressable Sensors

Type: UL Addressable Sensors

Model: ULCAP320/ULCAPT340/ULCAH330

Brand Name: Cooper

Origin: UK

Our UL range has multiple options for intelligent addressable sensors. All sensors are designed for optimum functionality in mid-large sized builds. They are all soft addressed and have integral short
circuit isolators.

• Built-in short circuit isolators
• Stylish low profile design
• 360º viewable LED design
• Removable detector chamber
• Drift compensation
• Plug and play, no hard addressing required
• ‘Clean me’ feature means sensor can be cleaned on site using the Menvier manual cleaning procedure
• The programmable heat sensor reduces the number of parts required in the system

Description Addressable Sensor, Optical Addressable Sensor, Opto-Heat Addressable Sensor, Multi-Mode Heat Standards UL268 UL268 UL521