Busbar Trunking (BBT) Systems

Busbar Trunking system


BUSBAR TRUNKING SYSTEM involves the distribution of electrical power using a set of copper or aluminum bus bars enclosed in a suitable encloser with a high degree of protection against any ingress of foreign bodies. 

Techno Apogee is the authorized agent of DTM Electrotechnical, a company manufacturing high-quality busbar since 2000. Techno Apogee is in operation since 2006 and dealing with a number of projects for Busbar Trunking (BBT) Systems in Bangladesh.

Busbar Trunking system is a replacement for traditional cable and panel distribution. MCB, MCCB in BBT is a plugin component as the bus is extended to the consumer area. Busbar Trunking System is a not that new technology, in 1930 it was first introduced in the USA. Comparing with the conventional wire or cable BBT is far better. In some modern construction, people now prefer BBT other than cable.

Advantage of Busbar Trunking (BBT) Systems:

Compact Design & Cost Savings: For a compact design it requires lesser space with a lesser cost of installation than traditional cabling systems with thousands of amperes of electricity transmitted.

Heat Absorption: It can absorb heat generated while transmissions and distribution of electricity in the walls of the enclosure. The system of cooling is much better than the traditional cabling system.  

Flexibility: For its flexibility in nature it can be used in any kind of structure with any configuration. Busbars can also be relocated without much of capital expenditure.

Better Resistance Reduced Loss of Energy:  Busbars have rigid design elements and hence have better resistance than cables, especially in the case of short circuits. Busbars have a minimum distance between the conductors which in turn reduces the induction of resistance. Hence the loss of energy due to transmission and distribution is lower in Busbars.

Ease of Distribution: Busbars help in easy, efficient, and safe distribution of lines with the junction boxes in places where they are required.

Standard Cells: Fully certified standard cells are an integral part of busbars which is meant to eliminate human error. Examples of such standard cells include junction boxes and plugs. These are certified parts of busbars that meet all kinds of safety standards.

Safe and Secured: Busbars are fitted with a steel casing and cannot be damaged by rodents as compared to cables.