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Passive Fire Protection

PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION is the solution that reaches the HIGHEST LEVEL OF FIRE SAFETY for industrial application. TECHNO APOGE will offer you a wide range of INDUSTRIAL TURNKEY FIRE SAFETY solution provider. we will counsel you in passive fire protection system, CONSULTANCY, ENGINEERING SERVICES, AND SUPPORT AT ALL STAGES OF CONSULTANCY AND PROJECTS to protect installations or structures to industry regulations?

Passive fire protection solutions are designed for used in the industrial structure and other applicable area. now the future years, most of the industry will think to protect with the reliable fireproofing for demanding in markets and appliances in highest level of industrial and property safety.

Passive Fire Protection Steelwork
The critical temperature of the steel structure of a building or shed should not exceed its load-bearing capacity and deformation limit.
The steel structures shall be insulated by using fire protection materials protecting from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated during fire. The common insulating materials are:
(a) Fire rated boards
(b) Intumescent coating
(C) Cementitious coating

How it works

the heat of a fire triggers a catalytic reaction, causing the expansion of an insulating char layer up to 50times or more then the paint thickness. this layer keeps the steel below its critical temperature, thus maintaining the structural integrity of the building. 

Benefits of Passive fire protection system.
Passive fire protection solutions from offer an exceptional performance and high structural integrity, guaranteeing the highest level of fire safety for people, equipment and assets. as a technology leader. APPOGE have most comprehensive engineering solutions provider in available on the market. Our Engineered shall be offered separately or combined in an cost effective solutions and rigorously tested to meet or even exceed stringent international standards.