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Chain Shop Solution

Electronic Shelf Label
ESL (Electronic Self Label) is a new solution for Chain Shop. This device is also working as a central Pricing system where you can change the price of any product centrally. Electronic shelf labeling solution (ESL) helps you to save time with automatic price updates. It's more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers' experience with accurate, reliable pricing.  It is also evolving to support shelf-edge customer personalization, data capture and interpretation. Techno Apogee to providing in-store shelf-edge digital solutions that enhance both store performance and shopping experience.

ESL projects for all retail industries and integrates hardware from various manufacturers. As an experienced full service provider, we realize your projects from the concept through the integration and installation to the monitoring during operation.

Advantage of Electronic Shelf Labels:
  • Synchronization with e-commerce, real-time pricing, maximum responsiveness and reliability
  • Intelligent sensors linking the customer, items, retailer and brand. Decreasing labor costs & manages frequent price changes.
  • Developing Customer Services whom demanding and seeking new shopping experiences.