Techno Apogee - Since 2006 in Security Solution

Intelligent Hotel Lock & Hotel Automation Systems

Techno Apogee introduce Software based Electronic Hotel Lock, Electronic  Safe & Cabinet Locker with BE-TECH Brand since 2012 in Bangladesh. BE- TECH is world renowned hotel related equipment manufacture since 1992. BE- TECH has more than 500 Chain & Normal Hotel Client Reference around the world.

Software Based Hotel Lock Systems
Electronic Hotel Lock System are new and improved way of being able to access a room or home without having to use a bulky key, this kind of lock is opened with a PVC Smart Card or RFID Access Card, simple and light just like a credit card. Electronic Lock which designed especially for hotel & resorts brings new using experience to guests and hotel owners. Guests now could just hold a card when they are out of room which makes it easier than carry a key. No Matter how many rooms he needs enter, all will be just a card.

Hotel owner can get automated advantage integrate Lock with PMS (Property Management Systems) Performing Task like; Front desk and housekeeping, Reservations. Customer relationship management, Maintenance management, point of sale (POS), Room Management to Reporting.

Advantage of Digital Hotel Lock Systems:
  • Increased Security: All over the world requires the high security lock solution.
  • Smart Carrying: Guests can easily store Entry Card in their wallet or pocket without them being too bulky or uncomfortable.
  • Software Suite. Hundreds of Integration Which Reducing Overhead Cost & Develop Business Every day.