Conference Systems


A Video Conference (known as a video teleconference) between two or more people distributed geographically through the Internet network to transmit audio and video data for the purpose of communication and collaboration in real time. We can know that Video Conferencing includes Point-to-point and Multipoint Videoconferencing Systems. Point-to-point refers to a Direct Connection between two Participants. It works much like a Video Telephone call. Each Participant needs a Video Conferencing Software, Computer with Webcam and Microphone Speaker equipped, and a fast Internet Connection. Multipoint allows three or more Locations to be involved in the same Virtual Video Meeting at the same time, just as if they were talking to each other face to face. Similarly, each Party in different Locations , so that a Video Conference can be conducted through the Internet.

Advantage of Video Conference Systems:

   • Saves Travel Costs.
   • It avoids the Participants having to spend time Travelling to meet each other.
   • The Participants in different Locations are able to work on the same Electronic Document.