There are few Fire Protection System supplier in Bangladesh that provides Passive Fire Protection Systems, Techno Apogee is one of them.Techno Apogee is in operation since 2006 and dealing with a number of projects for Passive Fire Protection Systems in Bangladesh

Passive fire protection, also known as Built Fire Protection. It breaks the building into “compartments” and prevents the spread of fire through the use of fire-resistance rated walls and floors. Besides all Structural buildings especially Steel structures Building Highly demands passive fire protection, as the critical temperature of the steel structure of a building or shed should not exceed its load-bearing capacity and deformation limit. The structures of the building shall be insulated by using fire protection materials protecting from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated during the fire. The common insulating & Partition materials are:

    1. Fire Rated Door
    2. Fire Rated Boards
    3. Intumescent coating
    4. Cementitious coating
Advantage of Passive Fire Protection System:
    • 1. Limiting the spread of fire and smoke by containing it in a single compartment
    • 2. Protecting escape routes for essential means of escape
    • 3. Protecting the building structure thereby ensuring its sustainability