Fire Hydrant Systems

Best possible protection for Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Hydrant Systems consists of a System of pipe work connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire. The water is discharged into the fire engine form which it is then pumped and sprayed over fire. Where the water supply is not reliable or inadequate, hydrant pumps should be provided to pressurize the fire mains.

Fire Hydrant Protection Systems is Designed to fight fire of huge proportions, is all classes of risks. It is designed to be in Operation even if a part of the affected structure collapses. Guidelines & Approval for Hydrant Systems are available from Various National & International Organizations like NFPA, BNBC Etc.

Advantage of Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler system:
  • Hydrant Systems are strong with a long life and used from medium to large sized fires.
  • Sprinkler Systems are low maintenance, does not leak water & 24 hour active system that does not require your help
  • Sprinkler System is a very effective method to suppress fire.