Fire Safety Audits & Risk Assessments

The occurrence of any fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life and property. A Fire Safety Audit is the most effective tool for assessing the fire safety standards of your facility. It helps the owners to identify areas where improvement can be made and develop an action plan, in addition to emergency preparedness and mock drills.

Techno Apogee is an Enlisted Consultant for Fire Safety Audit of DIFE (Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments) for its reliable support & excellent services to client. It is a legal requirement for every building owner to undertake a fire safety inspection of the essential services installed within their property. Essentially the same service as a fire safety audit and risk assessment, this is something we can do and which can be instrumental in creating more efficient buildings.

The main focus of these fire safety audits is:
  • Verification of statutory compliance with respect to BNBC & NFPA (Electrical) standard.
  • Review of chemical compatibility in storage areas and to suggest appropriate fire loss control measures
  • Review of electrical hazard which are potential causes of fire
  • Review of fire detection measures adopted & to suggest suitable improvement measures
  • Review of the various active (fire hydrant, sprinkler, portable fire extinguishers) and passive fire protection requirements for chemical storage and handling areas and to suggest improvements as necessary
  • Review of Fire Alarm system and emergency fire system of plant
  • Review of contractor safety awareness (chemical spill, fire fighting, emergency communication, knowledge of plant hazards & safety regulations) and to recommend suitable improvement measures to enhance contractor safety