Hotel Automation allows hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, audio/video systems, HVAC control, Door Locks, Computerized Maintenance management & reservation and Guest Room Management System using automated interfaces.

Automation Integration can reduce energy consumption and bring significant energy savings for hotel owner. Tying together and monitoring temperature fluctuations as well as making necessary adjustments or repairs to equipment can produce energy savings almost immediately. Reduced energy consumption isn’t the only benefit, companies see reduced labor costs through streamlined operations; also It simplifies the process and makes systems easy to manage.

Advantages of Hotel Automation Systems:

    • Making help request through Touch Screen Interface.
    • Advance Alarm System and remote access.
    • HVAC control, Lighting and Audio- Video Controlling through automated interfaces


   Type: G1 Series Hotel Door Lock                    Type: Automation Switch & Socket,                 Type: Automation Touch Panel

          Brand Name: BE-TECH                                           Brand Name: BE-TECH                                    Brand Name: BE-TECH

               Origin: China                                                     Origin: China                                                     Origin: China