Video Management Systems

Video Management System is a centralized and scalable platform that manages more channels and allows easy project scale-up through flexible add-on of integrative products which system components are NVR, management console, video wall decoder, backup server, failover server, 3rd-party system integration gateway, etc. VMS is an absolutely essential part of all surveillance systems as its provides at least the three things: collecting video from one or more cameras, storing this video to an external device, and presenting an interface that allows viewing what’s happening on real time or accessing recorded video.

Applicable Sector of VMS: (Banking and Retail / Enterprise & Factories/ Public Transport Areas)

Banks,Public Transport areas, Retail & Industry need a better solution of IP video surveillance because they have a variety of facilities to protect. IT professionals usually work at the HQ offices hundreds of miles away. They search and retrieve video from a remote in question, manage system parameters and update software remotely as required without leaving the headquarters.
We have a variety of products ranging from large-scale central monitor to capable standalones to answer every security needs on Banks, Public Transport areas and Retail & Industry. Video Management Systems will not just protect your property but helps your business grow.

A Competent Video System should include:

• Robust & powerful branch NVRs
• Supporting a very great number of HD/megapixel cameras
• Headquarters Control Center
• Video Wall
• Integration with 3rd-party Systems
• Remote-access clients
• Powerful alarm management