Fire Safety Plan

Techno Apogee is an Enlisted Consultant for NOC (No Objection Certificate) & Fire Safety Plan of FSCD (Fire Service & Civil Defence). Fire Safety Plan is the second Step. After get NOC Investor Should arrange all fire Safety works as per Design of NOC and after assessment of Expert Auditor of FSCD Fire safety Plan will be provided depending on satisfactory works. Fire Safety Plan indicates that the building fire safety is works have done as per the norms and regulations. We have a team of highly experienced engineers and other workers, all of whom are efficient in furnishing these services as per predefined guidelines for Industry. Further, we make use of modern machines and technologies in order to perform this Fire Safety Plan Design, Assessment & Establish. Our as Build Design is highly appreciated by our clients for its accuracy, effective documentation and timely completion.

Typical scope of study
  • Verification of statutory compliance with respect to BNBC & NFPA (Electrical) standard.
  • Physical inspection to identify Fire Separation Needed for Fire hazards and to Design Fire  safety solutions
Required Design to be integrated for Fire Safety Plan:
  • Fire Detection System Design
  • Fire Protection /Hydrant / Sprinkler System Design
  • Fire Extinguishing System Design
  • Fire Separation Drawing Design
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Utility Building Safety Drawing Design
  • Substation, MDB,DB & SDB Design.
  • Lightning Protection System