A lightning protection system (LPS) is essential to any building. This part contains information about the risk of lightning strikes, lightning characteristics, and the resulting parameters for simulating the effects of lightning strikes. We design & work for risk management of LPS following IEC 62305-2 (EN 62305-2)/NFPA 780/BNBC for risk analysis to determine whether lightning protection is required. This method can be used to simply determine the class of LPS and establish a complex protection system against lightning electromagnetic impulses (LEMP) following IEC 62305-2 (EN 62305-2)/NFPA 780/BNBC.

Benefits of Lightning Protection Systems

  1. Reduction of electromagnetic radiating effects within the protected structure.
  2. Spreading of lightning currents over several down conductors.
  3. Economic Contributes to overall equipotential between the conducting structures and ground.