Fire on board of a ship is generally considered as one of the most hazardous scenarios on the high seas because unlike is the case with fire incidents ashore, there is no emergency exit that will lead directly onto solid ground. Add to this the stack effect (also known as chimney effect) which turns narrow emergency exits into traps in no time due to the fast spread of fire in conjunction with the release of toxic flue gas. In order to effectively protect all people and property on board, meticulous proactive risk analysis and system-sensitive planning work are required – long before things get too hot to handle! Cables and cable penetrations pose major safety hazards and thus deserve particular attention in this regard because electrical fires rank among the frequent causes of fire also aboard watercraft. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to clear the decks by implementing well-conceived fire protection measures in good time: with smart cable penetration sealing systems – and with a partner by your side whose expertise reaches deep and wide in all aspects of fire safety and who has made a name for itself as a top-notch manufacturer of reliable products and systems that have been proving their worth and value many times over on board of civil and military vessels alike.