The term “Solar Power System” includes a technology that runs on energy extracted from sunlight. This is typically self-contained and universally renewable. This can also be as small as a solar-powered night torch and grow to massive proportions like a Solar-Panelled Roof that covers the entire property.

There are two types of Solar Power Systems available in the market:

  1.  Off-grid solar power system: This system does not connect to any other source of conventional electric line. They are more suitable for rural areas with poor or no grid connectivity.
  2.  Grid-tied solar power systems: For areas with adequate grid connectivity, property owners are more likely to stay connected to the grid, as they use their solar power system as an alternate source of energy. With this, someone can use solar-powered energy when the sun is shining, and conventional electricity offered by utility companies at other times. You can also scale your solar power system over time based on your finances.

Benefits of Solar Power System:

  1. Solar Power is pollution-free and does not emit greenhouse gases.
  2. It reduces dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.
  3. Solar power is a renewable source of energy that can be gathered practically anywhere in the world.
  4. Solar power provides green jobs and is economical in the long run.
  5. The source of solar energy, the sun, is nearly limitless and can be accessed anywhere on earth at one time or another.