Lightning Protection System (LPS) Design

Lightning Protection System’s only purpose is to ensure the safety of a building and its occupants if lightning happens to hit it directly, a task accomplished by providing a good, safe path to the ground for the lightning to follow. 

The reason for the mandatory requirement of lighting protection is that only 50% of the lighting impulse will go directly to earth, the other 50% will travel through the cross bond onto the incoming panel and out onto the electrical circuits in the installation. This creates a massive risk to the life and to property of any industrial installation.

Design of Lightning Protection System (LPS) is an important part of any building General Principles This is part contains information about the risk of Lightning Strikes, Lightning Characteristics, and the resulting parameters for simulating the effects of Lightning Strikes.

Apogee Consultancy Ltd has the expertise in designing the LPS in accordance with IEC 62305-2 (EN 62305-2)/NFPA 780/BNBC for risk analysis to determine whether Lightning Protection is required and how the maximum protection can be ensured by doing efficient design and perfect installation

Work Process:-

    • Working Plan
    • Site Visit/ Data Collection
    • Site/ Data Analysis
    • Drawing Design