Software Based Hotel & Residential Lock & Iron Safe

Electronic Hotel Lock Systems is a new and improved way of accessing a room or home without having to use a bulky key; this kind of lock is opened with a PVC smart Card or RFID access card, simple and light, just like a credit card. Electronic Lock is designed especially for hotels & resorts and brings new user experiences to guests and hotel owners. Guests could now just hold a card when out of the room, making it easier than carrying a key. No matter how many rooms he needs to enter, all will be just a card.

Hotel owners can get an automated advantage by integrating Lock with PMS (Property Management Systems), Performing Tasks like; Front desk and housekeeping, and Reservations. Customer relationship management, Maintenance management, Point of sale (POS), room management, and reporting.

Benefits of Digital Hotel Lock Systems

  1. Increased Security: All over the world require a high-security lock solution.
  2. Smart Carrying: Guests can easily store entry cards in their wallets or pockets without being too bulky or uncomfortable.
  3. Software Suite. Hundreds of integrations reduce overhead costs & develop business every day.